Interview with Kirk Reed of The Reed Effect


Randy Stillwater: Who is The Reed Effect and what does your band bring to the table when it comes to sound and meaning? 

Kirk Reed: I began The Reed Effect after my solo album, 'Kirk Reed' and it's had a couple incarnations/lineups since. The most important and relevant being the 5 years my brother Chris was in the band. The real 'Reed' Effect.

This band ultimately is about bringing the audience and listener to a higher plane of existence. 

Whether it's during a live show or in a recording. 

We have some lyrics that can be considered angry or rebellious. But, even with that, it's about the release and letting go of negativity. 

Randy Stillwater: What inspires you about the music scene you have in the area? 

Kirk Reed: The Toronto music scene is a very supportive network of musicians and bands. We're very supportive of each other. 

Randy Stillwater: What is something The Reed Effect has done to help the band scene that has improved or brought attention to your local music community? 

Kirk Reed:  We try and support our band friends the best we can. We try and get as many people out to our friend's shows as possible by spreading the word and posting on social media. We all win when we support each other.

We also try not and play in the city too often, as that could lead to over-exposure. So, when we do perform, we make it count.

Randy Stillwater: How is Canada overall seeming to recover so bands can get back out and play?

Kirk Reed:  We seem to be a little bit behind the states as far as opening back up live shows post-pandemic. I don't see Live shows being a thing here in Canada til at least September or October. I do notice I'm getting invited to live shows this fall, which is encouraging. We plan to hit live shows hard up here once it's possible.

Randy Stillwater: What are some ideas you might have to help the local scene there?

Kirk Reed: It's challenging right now, as Live venues haven't opened as of yet. But I am chatting with musician friends and trying to stay on top of what their plans are for the fall. We have a lot of bands up here in Toronto who will be releasing new music in the coming months. and I'll be promoting them as well when they do. 

Randy Stillwater: Your new single/video "Fine Here" has a message so it would seem. What do you hope people walk away with after hearing/watching it? 

Kirk Reed: 'Fine Here' is ultimately about letting go of anyone who is a negative influence on you and your life. Of course, when you watch the video, it's from a female perspective and the male character is a douche and she kicks him to the curb by the end.

But the theme in the song can be transferred to any situation really. And is a celebration of dropping excess weight in your life and enjoying the freedom that comes with that.

'We're Fine Here Without ya'

And on top of that, it's just a straight-up rockin tune that 'Kicks you in the nuts' as our producer Ted Sevdalis says

Randy Stillwater: Who all came together to work on this single and is it the same team you are using as you build this project?

Kirk Reed: I write all the lyrics for the band, but for the music, it was my brother, Chris Reed who brought his bass playing and stellar backup harmonies, Bryan Fontez who killed it on percussion, and our producer Ted Sevdalis who helped shape the song properly. 

Bryan and I parted ways during the recording process and unfortunately, Chris passed away on October 10th of last year. <3

Ted is of course still very invested in getting our music out there. I'm the only member left in the band from that recent era. 

I built a brand new lineup for this band and It's a 4 piece band now as I can never do a 3 piece again without my brother by my side. 

Once things open up, I and this new lineup plan to play live as much as possible to get the music from this brand new EP out there to the masses. 

Randy Stillwater: Since the album has already come out and you are now releasing videos for it - how can we purchase the album? 

Kirk Reed:  Anyone can easily purchase the album on our online store on our website:

Randy Stillwater: Who have been some of the bands' biggest influences musically? 

Kirk Reed: We're influenced by a variety of bands such as Queens of the Stoneage, The Doors, Soundgarden, and The Foo Fighters. 

Randy Stillwater: As the world becomes “normal” again what are a few things you a ready to get back into aside from music?

Kirk Reed: I'm a full-time musician so that's a tough question to answer lol, However, I am itching to travel. Altho I do have a sense most of my traveling will be touring, and I'd like to do some camping again soon too.

Randy Stillwater: Have you guys talked about shows/tours and if so any dates or special events you want to share with the readers?

Kirk Reed: We have no shows booked as of yet since nothing up here has opened yet. But I plan to start booking some shows for this fall soon. I have dual citizenship and hope to capitalize on that soon and get us down into the states this fall as well. 

Chris and I were born and raised in America. Providence Rhode Island and Connecticut, so I'd like our first shows south of the border in the New England area. 

Randy Stillwater: Thinking about this project as a whole... there does seem to be a story connecting. Do you feel The Reed Effect is more about building stories to release from singles to album or do you prefer every single standing on its own accord?

Kirk Reed: That's a good question. It's funny, I'd say it's 50/50

Ted and I went all out on this one. And we were determined to make each song strong enough to stand on its own and I feel we accomplished that. However, we don't want anyone to get caught up in one single and miss out on the rest of the album. There's so much there. And we think it's the type of record that you can listen to the whole thing without getting bored. 

Having said that, we did release the whole album in May and now we're releasing each single from the album every few weeks, and direct as much traffic to the whole album as possible.

Randy Stillwater: Where can we find out more about The Reed Effect and the best place to follow you would be? 

Kirk Reed: You can see all the goings-on in the band on our website:

And all the links to our social media are there as well. 

I'd say our Facebook and Instagram pages are our strongest and most relevant: