Review by Carox Rox: 
Cavo’s new record, Bridges, Bright Lights & Thieves

Cavo’s Band Members: Andy Herrin – Drums, Chris Hobbs – Guitars, Brian Smith – Bass
Casey Walker – Vocals

Genre: Hard/Alt-Rock band Cavo
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The album starts with Come Undone (Duran Duran cover), with fresh and crisp guitar
playing, solid drumming along with the throaty Bauhaus voice of the frontman and great
chick vocals. The slight reservation felt about a well-done cover song being first on the
playlist dispersed rapidly when followed by originals that hold their own solid weight and

With the following song Cynical as with most of the tracks, the vocals, and lyrics are very clear.
The words are universal, appealing, and quite beautiful. //Show me a lie and I'll show you a
vein//Open your heart and I'll do the same// and //The love the lie that leads you
someday//You're so cynical You're so cynical//You need to find a way to let go. The guitar
playing is haunting, the drumming consistent, insistent. This song is catchy, radio-worthy
and contemporary and you immediately want to hear more of the album because you
suddenly feel hooked.

So then comes Ghost (Acoustic) for a beautiful short acoustic melody  I'm taking scissors to
all of the pictures of us//I'm cutting you out but it won't be enough//Its never enough//,
followed by Lead On (recorded by Richie Criebaum and produced by Richie Criebaum and
CAVO). Per Casey Walker this is a song about questioning the path we are all being led
down. “There’s too much at stake in this world to just blindly accept what happens next. It’s
a song about looking for the right path to the light". Here is the video link. (Official Video) 

directed by J.T. Ibanez) so you can experience some of the passion and intensity of this band
as well as the diversity of their message.

Check out the rest of the solid songs on the album which is Let It Go, the very authentic
Muscle Memory (from 2020), No Way, We Were Wrong and What Does It Feel Like, Without
You and Wolves. This band has worked hard to put out their best and now with TLG
Entertainment/INgrooves their sound is out rightfully out to the world. Can’t wait to catch
them on tour!

Album available here.