Carox Rox reviews of Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll by Jay Jay French, Co-written with Steve Farber


Jay Jay French covers the 50-year history of Twisted Sister,
the band he first began. He talks about his early years growing up in Manhattan in the ’60s
and covers the fascinating musical period of that time and the concerts and bands that he
This is a very personal and candid offering, touching on his family, the death of his mother,
his past life selling drugs as a younger man, friends and those close to him as well as the
outer music and business world.
It is a tell-all of Twisted Sister, the ups and downs, the dream of success, and the painful
failures along the way as well as a fascinating history of the music scene that brings us up to
date with one of the now most now successful heavy metal bands in the world in terms of
revenue streams and licensing and millions of album sales worldwide.
In the book, you find photographs, memories, and memorabilia, almost like an additional gift.
The book is easy to read, wonderfully down to earth, simple as if spoken out loud – and that
is part of its appeal.
Jay Jay French takes the letters of the band and creates a business model for anyone to follow
with tips and lessons learned along the way. The life lessons are universal, the model is easy for
anyone to grasp.
“It's a blueprint on how to survive and succeed against some of the toughest odds in the
business,” he says. “The T. W. I. S. T. E. D.  method of reinvention (as outlined in the book)
will help you turn roadblocks into pathways, chaos into stability, and ultimately help you
realize a greater quality of life both personally and professionally.”
Music lovers will drool at the anecdotes that he slips into this seamless “bizoir”, but the
appeal and relevance and lessons have a much larger net than just the music world.
This book is a must on the Christmas list this year, for anyone who wants to follow this
charming, sometimes hilarious journey into the health and wealth of Twisted Sister and learn
some good practices along the way for self and business success.
You can buy and enjoy twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll by Jay Jay
French, Co-written with Steve via RosettaBooks. Great stuff!