Interview with the band TESTAROSSA - Buddy, Colten, Jordan, and Blake Talk about Their Rockumentary 'I Am Testarossa'


Lana Rolds: Questions we have so many questions! Let's talk about your rockumentary, 
'I Am Testarossa'.

LR: Sheba. Beautiful dog. How hard did she have to train to be in your short film? 

Buddy Radford-Sheba is a Natural. She has been on a strict diet of chicken eggs and horse feed for the past 6 months to be able to fit the costume for the part. 

Jordan West- Sheba was in the film?

Colt - Sheba’s one cute bitch. 

LR: Isn’t your merch girl on Tinder?

Buddy Radford- Yes Her tinder alias is Richard Dickbread

Colten- We found her on the Craigslist personals. 

Jordan West- Yes, as well as Grinder as mentioned in the rockumentary.

LR: Has Guns and Roses reached out for a reunion tour plus one yet? 

Buddy Radford- no, they are upset that I wouldn’t leave the band and come play for them. 

Jordan West- No, but Motley has reached out for Colten to replace Vince Neil.

Blake Webb- funny you say that.  We have an entire GNR tribute set ready for that opening slot.

Colt- who the heck is GNR?

LR: Cool Macaw (?) birds name and are you all pro-animal rights and only wear fake fur? 

Buddy Radford-We LOVE animals!  We can only afford fake fur. 

Blake Webb- My macaw’s name is Rosco the rock and roll macaw! Music brought us together and he’s wicked awesome.  And a ladies' man, so watch yourselves out there. Coincidentally, he’s one hell of a wingman, too.

LR: Got to love your relationship with your photographer and video person, Hannah. How did you all meet? 

Buddy Radford- Hannah Lee is the best photographer in the business. We all met at a Hansen concert. Hannah and the band were both standing in line to get our boobies signed and hit it off from there. 

Blake Webb- I met Hannah at a Jackyl concert! She is pretty much at every one of their shows in the southeast

LR: Is “Casa de Testarossa" your tour van ready to hit the road this next year and give your listeners some much-needed live rock n roll? 

Buddy Radford- yes we are in the works for some full tours next year. Lock up your mothers, we’re coming for them!

Colt - We’ve been legitimately living in that thing for months now. As soon as we can get some fresh tires on it, we are good to go. 

Blake Webb- Yes.  Things have been covid crazy and we miss everyone.  2022 is looking to be pretty awesome if things keep getting better.

LR: Final question... has Rick Springfield called Buddy yet to do a duet of "Jessie's Girl"? 

Buddy Radford- Rick and I like to party together sometimes, maybe one day we may collaborate on something. It all depends on how much he wants to pay for my incredible talent. 

Colt- Fun fact about Rick Springfield, he asked to join Testarossa as lead singer but I turned him down. 

Jordan West- Rick is my Aunt.