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Tempoh Slow
Announces New EP
Punxx Noir
Out March 25, 2022
Lead Single “Leave Me Alone” Out Nov 5
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Oct 27, 2021 – LA-based duo Tempoh Slow is excited to announce their new EP Punxx Noir, set to be released on March 25th, 2022. Fans will receive their first taste of the release with lead single “Leave Me Alone,” out everywhere on November 5th
On the forthcoming EP, the band shares: “I think this EP goes to so many places sonically and lyrically, but the whole thing is pretty much a back-and-forth internal dialogue. I went through a gnarly time with anxiety and depression, and these songs were originally sad little poems or lines I would write, but the brightness and power of the music brings it to a place where anyone can hear them and just think they are love songs. Maybe they are! Maybe they aren't.
Tempoh Slow is a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a studded belt. Aggressively emotive, visceral and uncompromising. They revel in being musical shapeshifters averse to genres. 
Experienced performers and artists in their own right, the duo that is Tempoh Slow joined forces in August of 2020. With the uncertainty of the year and live music effectively on hiatus, the duo buried themselves in the studio. The project became an anchor for their lives while Los Angeles and its music scene lay vacant. Their creativity became their chance to let loose in a no-holds-barred, guerilla style commune of creativity.
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Punxx Noir Tracklist:
1. Leave Me Alone
2. Villains In Love (ft. LUNA AURA)
3. My Own Worst Enemy
4. Stick Up
5. Talk 2 Much