Rogue's New EP 'Phantom' Now Available


Phantom EP Available Now Here:
Lafayette, LA – November 17, 2021 – Progressive metalcore band, Rogue, have shared a drum playthrough video for their song, “Sapien.” "We're incredibly excited to be able to showcase a different aspect of the band with this drum playthrough of ‘Sapien,’” shares the band. “With both ‘Aeon’ and ‘Phantom’ being tied together conceptually, we felt it was only fitting to bring back the song that kicked off this era of Rogue and introduced us to a brand new audience early last year. Many thanks go out to our great friend Thomas Scheltema for tackling this beast of a track." Watch the drum performance video exclusively today on NextMosh.
Rogue’s new Phantom EP was recently released on October 21. Of the EP as a whole, the band shares, “‘Phantom’ is a record that allowed us to take the topics we have spoken about previously, and explore them through the new perspectives of grief and sorrow. As we dealt with adversity in the face of a global paradigm shift, this record came from the band’s members and overall musical direction embracing a darker path. Despite the defeat and hopelessness presented throughout, we experienced a cathartic release that will undoubtedly resonate with people on a more emotional level than previous records.” The Phantom EP is available on all streaming platforms, here:
Introspective, somber, and bittersweet - all unsuspecting words that can be used to describe Rogue’s return with their new record Phantom. Loyal listeners of the band have grown to expect the scrutinization of political structures and metaphysical realities atop pummeling guitar riffs from the progressive metalcore act. However, rather than repeating history, Phantom represents a band staring death in the face and not being afraid of what comes next.
Amidst a worldwide paradigm shift, singles “Viper” and “Serpent Syndicate” arose from a place of sorrow, leading the band down a darker path both sonically and individually. Instead of peeling back the curtain on global leaders during an unprecedented pandemic, the band looked inward to explore their emotions of defeat and hopelessness. Through a cathartic creative process, the band forged on resiliently to conclude the story begun three years ago in their debut track “Meta.”
Calling back to the final line of the band’s sophomore record, Phantom ultimately tells the tale of the fallibility of the human species through the lens of ancient symbols such as the ouroboros and the jackal, while also expanding beyond the aggression fans have come to expect. Without abandoning the sound referred to as “face-shattering” and “hard-hitting” by The Noise, dark industrial elements and soaring melodies flood the listener as the title track paints the portrait of a dying soul. By the end, the listener is left to perceive a band, once driven by the power to spark change, now embracing the fact that no good thing lasts forever. At its core, Phantom is the vulnerability of Rogue now on display for the world to see.
Rogue is Jansen Nunez (vocals) and Jeffrey Fisher (guitar).

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